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Your own place

Thank you for visiting our 'Supporters' page.

We are raising funds for our beneficiaries' needs through this website, where you or your company can upload a photo or logo with a hyperlink to your site.

Currently more than 22,000 unique users are visiting our site each month. We're very proud of these numbers, because it means that a lot of people are getting to know the raTrust and find the information they need about us.

Be a part of the raTrust site! At least one of those thousand could become a friend, potential customer or future business partner.

Let us know if you'd like to become a partner of the raTrust and help our beneficiaries at the same time. We would love to hear from you.

Project: People

Project: People logo

Polish company, Project: People is a valued partner of raTrust. Thanks to its long-term support, innovative ideas and essential advice, raTrust has been able to create an eye-catching charity shop website that enables us to do our job more effectively. Project: People specialises in marketing, brand management, business strategies, PR, graphic design and much more. Ethical, responsible and sustainable, it charges discounted rates to companies and charities that share its values and desire to make a positive impact. Project: People employs the 'lean' approach, which means it maximises customer value while minimising waste.

We at raTrust are honoured to have Project: People on our side.


Lovehoney logo

Lovehoney are the UK's largest online sex toy retailers and firm friends of raTrust. The sexual happiness people are ongoing supporters of our campaigns and help us out with condoms and lube for our promotional events. There's nothing Lovehoney don't know about safe, pleasurable sex and like us, they believe that with awareness and the right precautions, it can be an exciting and fulfilling part of everyday life. Find out more about the wonderful work they do for raTrust here.

Soho Original Books

Soho Original Books logo

We're delighted that Soho Original Books are supporters of raTrust. They raise money for us from a collection box situated in their friendly, welcoming neon-lit store in the heart of London. Savvy shoppers can browse their shelves for books on art, fashion and photography before heading downstairs to purchase adult-themed goodies from the licensed sex shop. Find out more about their unique combination of reading and raunch here.

Urgent London Doctors

Urgent London Doctors logo

Urgent London Doctors love their work and they love people. They offer high quality medical care 24/7 and provide raTrust with reduced consultation and investigation rate. If you live in the capital and want to book a discreet appointment at your home or workplace or meet one of their specialists at their modern clinic don't hesitate to contact them. For more information and contact details, visit their website here.


WhatsOn logo

WhatsOn is a UK progressive international media and publishing company and a huge supporter of raTrust and what they do, who we have given discounted priced ads to. Our values are - equality, diversity, solidarity and participation. We produce a number of publications throughout the year, including a monthly WhatsOn Guide, National Student Guide, Gap Travel Guide, Graduate Guide, Festival Guide and the very popular Pink Guide. We aim to educate, inform and, above all, entertain! Find out more about us here.

Last updated April 16, 2018