Syphilis Test £ 29.95
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Syphilis Test £ 29.95

Syphilis Test

£ 29.95

The Syphilis test is a self-collection kit which includes a blood collection sample. The test allows you to know your health status and it’s very important to do it at least once a year, or every three months if you have multiple sexual partners. Untreated Syphilis can lead to serious problems – even death. Here at raTrust you can do your test in confidence, at a place and time convenient for you.

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What is included in the Syphilis test kit?

Your Syphilis test kit contains a blood collection sample, a form for you to fill in your details and a prepaid envelope. After you’ve done the test and filled in the form, all you need to do is post it to us and we’ll do the rest.

How do I take a sample?

Your Syphilis test will require a sample of blood from your finger. Please don’t worry, it’s not painful! All instructions will be delivered with your self-collection kit.

When I will know the results?

You’ll know your results within just four hours of our laboratory receiving your test!

The test for Syphilis is simple and, despite what you may have heard, virtually painless. If you test positive for Syphilis, please don’t panic. raTrust specialists will help you.

Why do I need to get tested?

Syphilis is one of the less common STIs in the UK, but in the past decade the number of new infections has risen. In 2015, 5,284 people were diagnosed and an even bigger group don’t even know they might have it. Untreated Syphilis can lead to irreversible damage to your body and health. We recommend you to do a Syphilis test at least once a year, even if you are in a stable relationship. If you are sexually active, it’s very important to check yourself each time you change sexual partner.

Syphilis is also spread through contact with blood, so if you have had contact with it you need to get tested too. It’s essential to know the state of your health, so please don’t be scared. If your result comes up positive, we will help you!

What are the facts?

  • In 2015, 313 women and 4,971 men tested positive for Syphilis in England.

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How much does the Syphilis test cost in other shops?

  • £29.95 – raTrust Shop
  • unavailable – DrEd (
  • unavailable – Superdrug Online Doctor (
  • unavailable – Lloyds Pharmacy (
  • unavailable – Nationwide Pharmacies (
  • unavailable – Test Diagnostics (
  • £42.90 – The STI Clinic (
  • £42.90 – The GUM Clinic (

*Prices updated on 01.10.2016 (including postage and delivery cost).

Don’t wait until it’s too late – order your Syphilis home test today.

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