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HPV test £ 45.95 £ 59.95
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HPV test

£ 45.95 £ 59.95

The HPV test is a self – collection kit which has everything you need to take a swab sample. The HPV test enables you to check your health status and it’s important you do so at least once a year if you are in stable relationship and more often if you are sexually active with different partners. Your sample will be examined for 14 high risk HPV DNA subtypes (individual reporting of subtypes 16 and 18 and also gives a collective result for the other high risk subtypes. Here at raTrust you can take your test confidentially and at a time and place convenient to you.

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What is included in the HPV test kit?

Your HPV test will include:

  • Qvintip self sampling wand
  • Protective packing wallet
  • Request form
  • Prepaid envelope

Your parcel will be small and discreet, and no one will know what is inside. After you’ve taken the sample, all you need to do is post it to us and we’ll do the rest.

How do I take a sample?

Your HPV test will require a vaginal swab sample. Don’t worry, your self-test kit contains full instructions. The test for HPV is simple and, despite what you may have heard, painless.

When I will know the results?

If you test for HPV at home, you will know your results within 2-5 days (after your sample reaches the laboratory).

Your test will report:

  • Individual for subtypes 16 and 18
  • Collective for subtypes: 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68

Why do I need to get tested?

Unfortunately in most cases, the HPV is harmless and causes no symptoms and that’s why it is so important that it is tested for regularly, every year at a minimum. It’s essential to know the state of your health, because persistent presence of high-risk types of HPV can cause cervical lesions which over time may develop into cancer if untreated. Testing for HPV determines the presence, or absence, of HPV and will determine CIN and cervical cancer. Don’t wait until it’s too late and please don’t be scared – if your result comes up positive, we will help you!

Can I trust HPV self-collection kit?

  • The self-collection HPV test is reliable and accurate and its results are comparable to usual clinical tests as it’s tested in a laboratory. Only the first step – sampling – is done by you at home.
  • You can do it on your own, in private, at a time convenient for you. There is no rush, which you might find at a clinic or GP surgery.
  • Your sample is sent to the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK – The Doctor’s Laboratory. Laboratory testing is the most accurate way of testing.
  • It doesn’t matter if you take a test at your home or at the clinic as both go to laboratories to be checked. The only difference is, if you order a self-collection kit you only have to wait 2-5 days to get the results whereas in a clinic, you may have to wait much longer.

What are the facts?

  • In 2016, 62,721 people were tested positive for HPV in England
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the primary cause of nearly all cervical cancer
  • Around 3,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year
  • The HPV test: the test that helps you check your risk of cervical cancer at an early stage
  • In some cases the self-collected HPV samples are more accurate than healthworker samples

Where can I find more information about HPV?

Don’t wait until it’s too late – order your HPV test today.

Patient Questions

  • Francesca: I was wondering if I order a kit, what type of result I will get? I mean, i know that I do have HPV 16 and I’ve already done the test 2 times in Moscow, Russia. My gynaecologist advised me to have it 3 times per year. First time I had a high risk (5,44 Lg) and second time after 3 months (1 month of treatment) i came to low risk of displasia 0.03 conventional units (1,3×10*3). So my question is will your test provide me a numbers in order to understand my risk level?

    The reason that your gynaecologist has asked you to repeat your test is that it is important to keep an eye on HPV infection that does not resolve itself immunologically.
    We report as DETECTED or NOT DETECTED. The goal is for your Type 16 to become NOT DETECTED. It really doesn’t matter what the level is – you need to see that you no longer have presence of HPV DNA Type 16, or any other type.

  • Sheila: I’m menopausal and have some spotting just now. I can’t predict when it will stop. If I test while I’m spotting, will it void the validity of the result?

    Spotting will not void validity of the results.

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