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Chlamydia test £ 19.95 £ 24.95

Chlamydia test

£ 19.95 £ 24.95

Let’s talk about Chlamydia for a minute. It’s one of the most common STI’s in the UK, and yet up until this point, you could be completely unaware that you have it.

And you know what? It’s not exclusive to people who have sex with multiple partners. This is why it’s so important to get tested regularly, and when you’re between partners. Without regular testing, you could pass it on in a long-term relationship with one partner just as easily as you could with multiple partners.

The likelihood is, that if you’re here on this page right now, you know that.

You might also be a little worried about taking the test. Some may be completely filled with dread.
We’re here to take the weight of that worry off your shoulders, bust the myths, and give you a simple and stress-free solution – The Home Chlamydia Test Kit.

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Chlamydia test

The Facts

The myths VS the truths

Myth: You’ll know if you have an infection – As with most infections, many people wait to see symptoms before they see a professional or get tested. Truth: Chlamydia is a ‘silent‘ infection – it doesn’t show up in symptoms and you may be completely unaware you have it.

Myth: Only Women get it, right? Often, we find that men are reluctant to get tested because there is a misconception that only women can carry this infection. Truth: In 2017, 85,647 men in England were tested positive for Chlamydia. 

Myth: I kissed someone with Chlamydia, so I might be infected – There are a lot of differences in STI’s and how they can be contracted, and it can be confusing and worrying. Truth: You cannot catch Chlamydia through kissing – you can only catch the infection by:

  • having unprotected sex – vaginal, anal or oral,
  • genital on genital touch,
  • getting infected semen or vaginal fluid in your eye,
  • the sharing of sex toys that haven’t been washed.

Myth: It will go away by itself – We have a tendency, especially when we’re worried, to hope that our immune systems will get to work and flush out the problem. Truth: It’s crucial that Chlamydia is treated. If it goes untreated, it can cause serious long-term damage to your health.

But don’t panic – we’re glad you’re here now, and it’s super simple and incredibly fast to do a test for Chlamydia. If you do test positive it may only be a course of antibiotics needed to get rid of the infection – and we’re ready with our support to help you get everything you need, should this be the outcome.

How does the chlamydia test kit work?

The chlamydia test is a self – collection kit complete with instructions to enable you to take a Chlamydia test with ease from the comfort of your home. The kit contains a bottle for a urine sample, or swab for a vaginal sample (like a long cotton bud). We just ask you to fill in a few details about you, which can be popped in the post with your test in no time at all. Then we’ll take it from there.

We know that many people don’t take a test because they’ve built it up as a painful situation in their heads. But don’t worry, despite what you’ve heard or read, it’s very simple and pain-free.

And it’s fast. The last thing we want to do is keep you waiting. So we’ve placed an importance on accurate results that you can access within 24 hours of taking your test.

  • Our High Priority Service gives you results in just 4 hours,
  • Our Standard Service gives you results in only 24 hours.

After all, the most important thing is just to know. We can’t help you if you don’t know. And we really want to help! We don’t want you lying awake at night worrying about what might be, or what might not be. Let’s find out what is.

Is that too good to be true? Is it accurate?

There’s really no difference in reliability between getting tested at home with our chlamydia testing kit and visiting a clinic. Your sample is sent to the The Doctor’s Laboratory, the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. It’s perfectly safe, and just as trusted as seeing a GP at your local surgery (without the hassle of the waiting room).

The reason it’s a popular option:

  • It doesn’t have to feel embarrassing – Sometimes it can feel nauseating just thinking about having to go into a clinic, see your regular GP or even sit in a waiting room. The Chlamydia home test means you can take it anywhere, in your own time, with full privacy. No one needs to be involved but you and us. Plus you can get your results online, so no need to wait for a personal call.
  • You don’t have sit at home fearing the unknown – The fact that chlamydia is symptomless in most people can make it a quiet worry if you think you’ve come into contact with the infection. Our fast testing means you don’t have to spend another day panicking. And we understand you might be worried, which is why we want you to know you can ask any questions about the process. No question is a stupid one.
  • You don’t have to wait for an appointment – Doctor’s surgeries and clinics can come with long waits, and are often stretched due to an influx of appointments and walk-ins. When you take our home chlamydia test you can be tested and receive your results within hours.
  • You don’t feel rushed by time restrictions – On the other side of the coin, surgeries slots can be a busy in-out rush. Taking a test for chlamydia at home offers you the time and space to breathe, relax and complete it at your own pace, in your own space.

Being safe doesn’t have to be scary.

And trust us, taking a simple test at home isn’t scary at all. Take that weight off your shoulders by getting an answer quick. It’ll be a really quick test. A really quick result. And could be a really quick treatment.

When you know all that, it seems crazy to put yourself at risk by ignoring the problem, doesn’t it?

Order your own Chlamydia Testing Kit today with at a reduced cost of just £24.95

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*Prices updated on 12.12.2018 (including postage and delivery cost).

More about chlamydia:

Patient Questions

  • Nile: I am emailing to ask whether the swab sample involves taking it from inside the urethra?

    Swab sample can be taken from:
    – vagina
    – throat
    – rectum
    If you would like to check up your urethra we will suggest to choose urine sample.

  • Bradley: Can you find chlamydia in a urine test?

    Yes, you can. Ideally you should provide a sample 1 to 2 hours after you last urinated.

  • Edward: Can oral chlamydia be detected in a urine test?

    Oral chlamydia affects the throat. Whereas a urine test will identify the presence of chlamydia, to confirm it is present in the throat, a swab of the area must also be taken.

  • Donna: How long does it take to test positive for chlamydia?

    If you buy our self-collection test, you can receive your results just 4 hours after your sample reaches the laboratory. If you are tested by your GP or at a GUM clinic, results may take around 7-10 days.

  • Margaret: How reliable is the chlamydia test?

    The test is around 98% reliable. No test is 100% accurate so there is always a very small chance you could have the infection and test negative.

  • Alan: Can you get chlamydia test results same day?

    Yes, if use our self-collection test. For a small charge you can receive your results extremely quickly – just four hours after your sample reaches the laboratory.

  • Mr James: How do you know if you have chlamydia?

    Most people won’t have any symptoms, so only regular testing can tell you if you’re infected. Common signs for women include pain when peeing, a vaginal discharge, bleeding between periods and pain during and after sex. Common signs for men include pain when peeing, a discharge from the penis and pain in the testicles.

  • George: How does chlamydia feel?

    In around 70% of cases, you won’t feel any different. However, for some people, chlamydia can cause pain when peeing and make you feel sore and tender around the genitals and bottom. Women can also have stomach pain.

  • Scott: Can you find out if you have chlamydia through a blood test?

    Yes, you can although it is not as accurate as a urine test.

  • Asif T: How long does it take to show signs of chlamydia?

    Most people will have no symptoms or signs, which is why it’s important to get tested regularly. If you do have signs, they usually appear 1 to 3 weeks after infection although they could appear much later, sometimes years later.

  • Hannah: Can you only get chlamydia from someone else?

    It is usually passed on through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex with another person but it is possible to become infected from sharing unwashed sex toys. Pregnant women can infect their babies during childbirth.

  • Joanna: Can chlamydia lie dormant for years?

    Yes, it can and as you may not have any symptoms, you won’t know you’re infected. Symptoms may arrive years after infection after being triggered by an unrelated illness, such as a serious cold, which has affected the immune system.

  • Amelia: Can you have chlamydia without being sexually active?

    You can catch chlamydia from sharing unwashed sex toys with an infected person. It can also be passed on if your genitals come into contact with another person’s genitals even if there is no penetrative sex or orgasm or ejaculation. It can stay in your body even if you are no longer sexually active.

  • Chloe: Can you tell how long you have had chlamydia?

    Unless you have symptoms, it’s impossible to tell you’re infected, which is why regular testing is so important. Chlamydia can flare up years after infection and you might think you’ve just caught it when in fact you could have had it for a long time.

Ask about anything

And don’t forget… you can ask us anything along the way! Whether that be about your Chlamydia Test or about anything to do with Chlamydia. No question is a stupid question. Send us a private message via the form below, and one of our experts will get back to you.

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