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Welcome to the raTrust Sexual Health Shop

The STI tests shop is the first of its kind in the UK (operated by registered charity) and was created in order to give anyone access to reliable and cost-friendly self-collection home test.

Knowing where to get a test for STI is simple, but many people feel too embarrassed or ashamed to visit their GP with their sexual health concerns.

Alternatively, finding out where to buy an STI test without having to pay an outrageous amount of money is a real issue, and that’s why the sexual health shop came to be. We believe no one should feel embarrassed or be excluded for trying to look after their own sexual health due to money.

Therefore, our charity STI shop offers the most cost-effective at home STI tests available.

Carry out your self-collection test in the privacy of your own home with our home testing kits for
a wide range of sexually transmitted infections and sexual health tests including:

The process for STI home kits

Ordering home test kits from the raTrust couldn’t be easier.

  1. Step 1Select the appropriate STI test kit

  2. Step 2Collect a sample following the instructions in the privacy of your own home

  3. Step 3Post your sample back to us using the pre-paid envelope

  4. Step 4Check your results online

Our mission is to provide you with a prompt service for all at home STI kits and aim to communicate your results back to you as quickly as we can so you can take the appropriate action.

All income created from the purchase of STI tests from our sexual health shop is used to benefit the charity and to allow us to continue our good work in supporting individuals with the tools and resources necessary to lead a happy and healthy life.

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