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Syphilis statistics in England

Syphilis is on the rise. In 2016/17 the number of cases in England hit the highest level since 1949, according to Public Health England. In 2017, there were 7,137 diagnoses, a 19,5% increase on the previous year and a whopping 136% rise on 2012 (3,014). However, this may be due to greater awareness and increased testing.

Men account for 94% of syphilis carriers with men who have sex with men attributing to 74% of those figures.

In 2017, the highest rate of new diagnoses was among the 25-34 age bracket followed by men aged 35-44.

Number of new syphilis diagnosed (primary, secondary & early latent) in England:

Number of new syphilis diagnoses (by gender) in England:

Last updated August 29, 2018