Syphilis Prevention How to Prevent syphilis?

Syphilis Prevention


You can reduce the risk of becoming infected with syphilis and spreading the infection. How? Here are four simple ways to prevent you getting syphilis.

  • Be aware

    Be aware - Make sure that you get checked regularly for syphilis. It takes just a few seconds you can order your syphilis self-collecting test online.

  • Limit number of partners

    Limit your number of sex partners - Changing sex partners puts you at a higher risk of becoming infected with syphilis or any other sexually transmitted infection. If you do change partners, get tested every single time, even if the person you're with assures you they don't have it. Syphilis is largely symptomless so they might not even know they're infected.

  • Talk about

    Talk to your partner - A simple conversation before beginning a sexual relationship can help. Take your time and find out whether he or she is at risk of having syphilis. Talk to your partner about the risk factors, the benefits of regular screening, signs to look out for and the need to use condoms, even when you're not having penetrative sex. Sexually transmitted infections are more common when ignorance is higher so it pays to have some knowledge and share it with others.

  • Test yourself

    Get tested regularly - If you are in stable relationship it is recommended you do a test at least once a year. If you have multiple sexual partners you should get tested every three months. Here at raTrust we can offer you various types of STI tests. You will be able to do your syphilis test at home at a time convenient for you. The whole process is very quick, discreet and you could know your results in just 4 hours (high priority option) or 24 hours (standard option).

Last updated June 1, 2018