LGV Symptoms

LGV mainly effects the lymph nodes around the groin and other areas that can become infected via sexual activity, including the penis and vagina. It will usually present as a small and pain-free ulcer at the site of infection between three days and one month from the time of sexual contact.

This can then progress to a painful and noticeable swelling of the lymph nodes around the groin. This can occur on one side or both sides of the groin area, often causing a groove effect between the lymph nodes. Buboes or painful nodes may develop along the lymph nodes, these may ulcerate and burst. Up to one-third of those infected will present with fever, nausea and/or fatigue.

If the infection was passed on via anal sex then symptoms such as rectal pain, bleeding or discharge may occur. This stage may mimic the symptoms of Crohn's disease. This stage can present some years after an initial untreated infection and can include disfiguring or 'eating away' of the genitals, especially in women who are infected.