Herpes simplex symptoms What are the symptoms of herpes?

For many people with either type of herpes there are no symptoms at all and that makes it difficult to detect and easy to pass on. If you do develop signs of oral herpes or signs of genital herpes, these tend to appear around four days to one week after sexual contact with someone who has the virus. The initial flare up can be the most severe and those with recurrent episodes may experience warning signs (such as tingling or itching) 48 hours before an outbreak.

Herpes symptoms in men

What are typical genital herpes symptoms in men?

  • Burning, itching and tingling pain around the penis and testicles
  • Red, itchy spots near the genitals, which turn into clear fluid-filled blisters that burst
  • Pain and burning sensation when urinating
  • Blisters around the back passage

However, it is not just the genital area that shows signs of infection. The following herpes symptoms can occur:

  • Cold sores around the mouth
  • Fever and flu-like sensations
  • Temporary partial paralysis of the face (Bell's palsy)
Herpes simplex woman symptoms

What are typical genital herpes symptoms in women?

Although similar to the herpes symptoms in men, women may also experience

  • Vaginal discharge
  • Blisters and ulcers on the cervix (neck of the womb)

Last updated July 27, 2018