Herpes simplex prevention How to Prevent Herpes?

Herpes simplex prevention


You can reduce your risk of developing herpes and spreading it to others by following these five simple tips.

  • Herpes prevention

    Use a condom. By protecting yourself during all types of sex (vaginal, anal and oral), you reduce the risk of becoming infected with herpes and passing it on. Use a male latex condom or a female polyurethane condom during sexual contact. Dental dams can also be used during oral sex.

  • how to prevent herpes

    Be aware. Herpes never leaves the body so even if you don't have any visible blisters or ulcers, you may still be infected. Get tested regularly. If you have not had herpes before, contact your GP or sexual health clinic so you can have a blood test. If you do have sores on any parts of your body, but especially around your genitals or mouth, you need to swab them. For quick and easy results, order your herpes self-collecting test online.

  • Limit number of partners

    Reduce number of your sex partners. Having many sex partners increase risk of becoming infected with herpes or any other sexually transmitted infection. Get tested every time you change partners, even if the person you're with is adamant that they don't have it. Herpes is often symptomless so it's likely many people are unaware that they're infected.

  • Talk about

    Talk to your partner. Before embarking on a sexual relationship, talk to your partner about their sexual history and discuss whether either of you is at risk of herpes. Talk about the benefits of regular testing, signs to look out for and the need to use condoms for every type of sexual contact. A little knowledge and awareness of sexually transmitted infections can reduce their risk so read up on them and share the information with others.

  • Test yourseft

    Get tested regularly. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it is recommended you get tested once a year as herpes can be symptomless. Otherwise you should get tested every time you change sexual partners. Here at raTrust, we can offer you various types of STI tests. You can test for herpes at home, discreetly and conveniently, at a time that is convenient for you.

Last updated July 27, 2018