Herpes simplex pictures How does Herpes look like?

Here is a selection of images showing what herpes looks like on various parts of the body. There are genital herpes pictures and oral herpes pictures.

Herpes on the bottom

Herpes on the bottom. Genital herpes doesn't just infect the penis, testicles and vagina. This picture shows lesions on the buttocks of a 56-year-old woman who has become infected with the herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Oral herpes

The following three oral herpes pictures show cold sores around the mouth. Cold sores are painful, fluid-filled blisters that are often mistaken for skin infections. Many people do not realise they are signs of herpes.

Mouth sores

Herpes round the mouth is passed to the genitals during oral sex. If you have visible cold sores, abstain from all sexual activity until you have been treated.

Cold sore

This is a cold sore on a 21-year-old woman. Most people diagnosed with herpes for the first time are under 25.

Genital herpes on penis

Whereas genital herpes can be symptomless, these fluid-filled blisters on a man's penis are signs that he has been infected with the herpes simplex virus.

Herpes woman

This woman has lesions on her groin, which have become infected with bacteria, causing redness and inflammation. While there is no cure for herpes, secondary infections can be treated with antiviral drugs.

Genital herpes on labia

A woman's labia covered in small sores caused by genital herpes. The sores will take up to three weeks to heal but the virus never leaves the body and repeated flare-ups are common.

Blisters on penis

Genital herpes has caused this man's penis to erupt in blisters, which have burst leaving small ulcers. These symptoms, which require treatment and can take weeks to heal, are often accompanied with headaches and fever.

Cold sores on face

While most people who develop herpes for the first time are under 25, it can affect all ages. This man, with cold sores near his mouth caused by oral herpes, is 52.

Penis - sores and blisters

This man with sores and blisters on his penis caused by genital herpes is 49-years-old. If you develop herpes once, it is very likely to recur.

Sores on eyelid

The symptoms of herpes do not just appear on the genitals and mouth. These sores are on the eyelid of a 42-year-old man.

Herpes body sores

Sores and blisters caused by both types of herpes can be found all over the body, not just round the mouth and genital area. This woman has a lesion on her back.

Herpes on penis

Blisters and sores on the penis are a sign of genital herpes. Until they can be treated, all sexual contact - including oral sex - should be avoided, as herpes is highly contagious.

Hepres - man

A man's penis with several sores and blisters caused by genital herpes. Although there is no cure for either type of herpes, antiviral drugs work well to reduce the symptoms.

Sores in mouth

The inside of a person's mouth, with sores on the soft palate caused by oral herpes. Also known as herpetic stomatitis, this is caused by type 1 of the herpes simplex virus.

Labia - genital herpes

As these genital herpes pictures show, sores and blisters can be hidden within the labia on women. Tingling, itching and burning can be the first indication that herpes is present.

Oral hereps

Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of developing oral or genital herpes. Not everyone has symptoms, which means you should get tested every time you change partner. These blisters show oral herpes on a 16-year-old boy.

HSV - genital herpes infection

There are two types of the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Type 1 is oral herpes, which usually causes blisters and sores on and around the face and mouth. Type 2 affects the genitals. Here, the penis of a 24-year-old man is inflamed and sore from genital herpes.

Hepres on penis base

This picture shows the base of a man's penis with small blisters caused by genital herpes. When these are present, all types of sexual contact must be avoided. Antiviral drugs can treat the symptoms although the virus never leaves the body.

HSV - ear blisters

Symptoms of oral herpes do not just affect the mouth area, which is why it is often mistaken for a skin condition. This man has blisters on his ear caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Penis - lesions

As this picture of a penis shows, blisters, lesions and sores caused by genital herpes may not be instantly noticeable. This is why you should get tested for herpes at least once and every time you change sexual partner.

Last updated July 27, 2018