Gonorrhoea treatment How to Treat Gonorrhoea?

gonorrhoea treatment

How gonorrhoea is treated?

Gonorrhoea is quite easy to treat. It normally involves a single antibiotic jab followed by a single antibiotic tablet. You may be offered an alternative if you are on other medication or have an allergy to certain antibiotics. The treatment for gonorrhoea is the same for those who are HIV-positive as it is for those who are HIV-negative.

Get tested

Contact your GP or sexual health clinic for a test or, if, you prefer to do it discreetly in private, order your home gonorrhoea test from our online shop and follow the enclosed instructions to provide a sample.

Avoid all sexual activity

Whether you have symptoms or not, you should avoid all sexual activity until you have completed your treatment for gonorrhoea and have been told that you are clear.

Contact your previous partners

Even if you only suspect you have gonorrhoea, you must try and contact previous sexual partners as they may be infected and could be passing it on to others. Remember, gonorrhoea is relatively simple to treat and you will be getting on with your lives in no time at all.

Get treatment for gonorrhoea

The antibiotic given in a single injection is usually ceftriaxone or cefixime and the tablet, which you swallow, is called azithromyicin. The tablet treats chlamydia at well as it is common to get both infections at the same time.

What to expect after treatment

If you had symptoms, you should see them start to improve after around a week of treatment. Avoid sexual activity until it has been confirmed that you are clear of gonorrhoea.

Can you cure gonorrhoea?

Yes. The single injection and single oral tablet should get rid of your gonorrhoea. However, you do have to abstain from sexual activity until you know you are clear as otherwise you could become re-infected.

Get tested regularly for gonorrhoea even after treatment

Even after finishing your treatment you are still at a high risk of catching it again. To make sure that the gonorrhoea infection left your system, you should repeat the test after 6 weeks after taking the last dose of antibiotic. Taking a retest too quickly might give a positive result again - it could mean you are still infected or you got reinfected. A test is highly sensitive and specific and correctly identifies most of the gonorrhoea diseases.

Last updated August 27, 2018