Chlamydia statistics UK How common is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia staistics England

Chlamydia statistics in England

  • Statistics show that chlamydia is the most common type of sexually transmitted infection (STI) in England. Year after year the number of infected people is rising. Why? The average number of sexual partners per person has increased compared to the past. Another reason is the higher quality of health care and wider social awareness about risky sexual behaviour. Nowadays, because of screening and regular testing more people are being identified.

    Number of new Chlamydia diagnoses in England:

  • More women are diagnosed than men. Why? According to research, men are less likely to get themselves checked out. Presented numbers are just an approximation. Unfortunately, in reality the number of people with chlamydia is much higher as many thousands of cases still remain undiagnosed.

  • The highest number of chlamydia tests and diagnoses in England in 2017 were in specialist SHCs. Big number of STI diagnoses and tests are took place in SRH services and GP (primary care). Over last few years, online tests have become more popular - they are no longer categorised as 'other' or 'unknown'.

    Testing venue Tests Diagnoses Proportion of tests positive (%)
    Specialist SHCs 574,273 63,605 11.1
    GP 267,548 16,844 6.3
    SRH 177,675 18,379 10.3
    Internet 112,979 9,615 8.5
    ToP 21,537 1,369 6.4
    Pharmacy 14,157 1,288 9.1
    Other 220,967 15,482 7.0
    Unknown 18,816 1,516 8.1
    Total 1,407,952 128,098 9.1
  • Presented data proves that in the whole of England, rates of chlamydia detection were bigger in females than in males.

    Chlamydia detection rates between 15 to 24 year olds by age-group, gender and PHE Centre, 2017 in England

Chlamydia - statistics UK

Chlamydia statistics in UK

  • The number of new chlamydia cases for the whole of the UK is only marginally higher than in England.

  • Given the ease with which chlamydia spreads, this means it is unlikely that the majority of infected people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are actually being diagnosed. Why? This could be due to lack of awareness in these areas and a subsequent lack of regular testing. We know these figures can't be accurate as many thousands of cases still remain undiagnosed.

    Number of new Chlamydia diagnoses in the UK:

  • In both England as well as in the whole UK the trend of increasing chlamydia infections is noticeable and more women are diagnosed.

    Number of new Chlamydia diagnoses (by gender) in the UK:

Last updated September 25, 2018