Male condoms

What is it

What is it?

Condoms are what is known as barrier method contraception.

Using condoms is by far the best way to both prevent pregnancy and avoid STIs or HIV during sexual contact. They are 98% effective when used correctly. It is important to read instructions on the pack and learn how to use them properly, as they can fail or split if put on wrongly.

How does it work

How does it work?

The condom acts as a barrier and catches semen, so it does not allow sperm to reach an egg and fertilise it.

When using condoms, it is important that they are put on before any sexual contact with the woman's vagina, as some semen can leak from the penis before ejaculation. This varies from man to man, but if this does happen or semen leaks into the vagina due to a split or incorrectly worn condom then the woman should seek advice on emergency contraception, such as the morning-after pill. This can be obtained from a pharmacy, GP or sexual health clinic. Both partners may also want to consider having an STI and HIV test



As well as being a reliable form of contraception when used correctly, condoms are the best way to protect both partners from STIs and HIV. They are easy to buy from a chemist or supermarket and are usually available free of charge at sexual health clinics. You can carry them with you in a bag or wallet and they do not need advance preparation. They also come in different sizes, flavours and textures, which can add to the sexual experience.



Although some people may be allergic to the latex, plastic or spermicides used in condoms, there are no medical side-effects from their use. Those who have an allergy will find that they are readily available in other materials or without spermicides.

Condoms are very flexible, but they can tear, split or come off if not put on properly. So you should learn to do this. Some people say that they interrupt the flow of sex or lessen sensation, but this may be down to the type of condom used or when you put it on. Try out different brands and make putting on a part of the sexual activity if you can.

Who can use them

Who can use them?

Nearly all men can use condoms. Although men who have erection problems may have difficulty in using condoms properly, as they can slip off if the penis is not fully erect. This also means that semen may leak from the condom during sexual activity.

How to use them

How to use them?

Male condom need to be worn on the penis during sexual contact. It prevent sperm to enter into women vagina when the men ejaculates. It's very important to check if condom is in place while you are having sex, if it's damaged or it comes off you need to use a new one.

Last updated April 28, 2018