Refer a friend and get up to 75% back Recruit friends to the cause and get rewards.

Encourage a friend to donate, and we'll give you a gift of your own.

We want to thank those who give the gift of a donation to the raTrust, by giving a little something back. When you refer a friend, and they donate, we'll give you up to 75% back in cash.

Do something good, and pass it on

Without the support and financial aid of companies and generous individuals, we wouldn't be able to make a change to communities, to individuals, or to society and the stigma that follows sexual health. We receive funds in two different ways:

  • In GBP by credit or debit card
  • In BTC cryptocurrency

We're one of the only charities to accept cryptocurrency donations, because we want to extend the option out beyond the UK.

When you donate to the raTrust you're triple-whammy rewarded. Giving generously from your own pocket means that we can work towards reducing the impact of STIs through promotion, education and awareness. It means those at risk have fast access to regular accurate home testing and support from professionals. It means that we can take big steps towards better safety and security for sex workers, and challenge the stigma that isolates those living with or at risk of HIV. When you donate to a good cause, you are positively influencing the world around you, which can often encourage those in your own social circles to do the same. You can be the start of a chain of change. For all of those reasons, we want to say thank you by offering you a real money transfer when you've encouraged your friends to follow suit and donate.

How does it work?

  • When a friend donates in GBP by credit or debit card, you'll receive up to 45% commission in GBP in return.
  • When a friend donates in BTC Cryptocurrency, you'll receive up to 75% commission in BTC in return.

We'll transfer the reward as a FIAT currency wire transfer. Transferring the money to you this way simply means that we can reward anyone around the world for their kind donation. FIAT money is everyday money, like Euros, British Pounds, or US Dollars, except it transfers at the rate of your market. It's the easiest way for us to transfer your tender and open up the possibilities worldwide!

Get started today by using our simply payment methods above. Then go out and share your good deeds! Make yourself some cash by doing something that will really makes a difference. Give back to the community, and we'll give back to you for being in our corner. Also, all charitable donations including political donations are tax exempt. Donations made via our payments provider are tax deductible in the EU.

It sounds easy, because it is easy!

Start your chain of change today.