Here at the raTrust we put the interests of others above our own. We are a proudly non-profit, non-corporate, non-political and non-compromised charity. All of our services and help are completely free of charge.

How do we do it? Our passion helps people rebuild their lives from scratch, but it's the donations from supporters like you that make it possible for us to keep our beneficiaries safe, healthy and happy. Hundreds of donors like you help us create better futures for some of the most vulnerable people in society. Any amount you could give, no matter how small, would be most appreciated.

You can donate in currency (Bitcoin). Bitcoin is anonymous and secure digital crypto currency. Bitcoins cannot be simply tracked back to you, and are much safer and much faster alternative to different donation methods. You can transfer BTC to the following address:


Please note: All charitable donations including political donations are tax exempt. Donations made via our payments provider are tax deductible in the EU.