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Safe from pregnancy, but are you safe from HIV?

Since the founding of the raTrust, we have offered young people advice about contraception alongside advice about their sexual health. We believe that young women should be in charge of their reproductive rights as much as they are in charge of their sexuality and their sexual health. After all, a safe and happy sex life is very much a right in our eyes.

So, it gives us great pleasure to be marking World Contraception Day on September 26, which is annual celebration of making informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health. The event is aimed squarely at women and highlights the huge variety of choices there are out there to prevent pregnancy. But it also points out that safety in sexual health is every bit as important as enjoyment and deciding whether to and when to have children.

The need to always use a barrier method, whether a male or female condom, is paramount for us. This is perhaps the most important sexual health message that we can ever pass on. Young people learning about sex for the first time are often happy to have the convenience of the pill, but so many neglect to remember that this does not keep them safe from HIV or STIs. We have seen the results of this important message not getting across and it can range from a dose of chlamydia to damage to a woman’s ability to have children, from genital warts to HIV and AIDS.

Our message is that even going without a barrier method once can be disastrous and we make sure that we share this with all the young people that we come into contact with.

You can find out all about the different types of contraception on the raTrust website.

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Have a happy, healthy sex life and stay safe.

Dominika Rejmer – Director and founder, The raTrust.

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