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Lovehoney and the raTrust help make HIV disappear.

Making HIV disappear is something of a Herculean task. But for one afternoon only, the raTrust, our supporters at Lovehoney and a handful of committed volunteers managed to do just that. It may have simply been a promotional event for our charity, but we showed that people working together can make HIV a thing of the past.


We decided to ask Lovehoney for their ongoing help, as they are the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer and they also know an awful lot about safe, pleasurable sex. Their range of condoms and lubes is unrivalled and their website carries a vast amount of advice on using them too. Like us, they believe that safe sex can be a wonderful, exciting and fulfilling part of our lives. So we are only too glad to be working with them. Lovehoney paid all the expenses for our educational action in Bournemouth last Sunday, as well as providing the 1,000 condoms we gave away that day.

On the day, we set up in Bournemouth, attaching the condoms to a poster to spell out ‘HIV’. Our volunteers then invited members of the public to take one condom with them as they passed by. Most were reticent or slightly embarrassed at first. But once a few people started to take them and then everyone joined in. Soon enough, we had made HIV disappear.

Unfortunately, getting rid of HIV and AIDS for real is not quite that simple. While this was a great demonstration of how we can get rid of HIV we still have a long way to go to make that a reality. That is why the raTrust works in education and at street level to get the message of condom use and safe sex across to young people, sex workers and just about anyone at risk of contracting or spreading HIV.

Condoms beat HIV. It could not be more simple. If no one is spreading HIV through unsafe sex then it will eventually die out. From the very first case of HIV this has been true, but people do need reminding from time to time about the part that they, personally, can play in eradicating HIV.

Our HIV-prevention work and advice for those with HIV or at risk of contracting HIV is as vital as making sure that everyone has a condom in their wallet or bag at all times. As a relatively new HIV charity we still need people to share our work and to make donations to us to keep us going and able to work with those at risk.

Please share this page or consider making a donation if you like what we are doing.

Dominika Rejmer – Director and founder, The raTrust.