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Help us to save children’s lives now.

In the West, we know that HIV is dangerous. But we also know that we can get the drugs to treat it, the condoms to prevent it and the education to help our children avoid it. In parts of Sub-Saharan Africa you can take none of these things for granted. Nearly three million children are living with HIV and 600 more are infected every day. 214,800 every year. Most will die young.

At the raTrust we pride ourselves upon working with those most at risk with contracting HIV, as well as those impacted by it. To us it seems logical to want to take a global approach to the eradication of HIV. So we are now looking to open a clinic in Africa, where we are needed the most.

We are already in touch with people in various locations and we will be researching where we are most needed before deciding upon a location. We will work with local health workers on the ground to ensure that we are able to offer HIV tests for pregnant women as well as treatment for any who are HIV-positive. We will also help them to give birth to healthy children, who will hopefully be free of the virus.

It is, of course, children who will be the main focus of our Africa programme. As well as offering HIV tests and counselling for young people we will also create a strong preventative programme using local staff and local languages. We will provide education and literature, as well as distributing condoms to keep young people safe when they start to become sexually active. We will also provide treatment for those who have already contracted HIV or AIDS.

We are under no illusion as to the cost and commitment that providing such a comprehensive service will mean. We feel we must tackle HIV wherever it is in the world and where it is having the most impact. But we will need YOUR support to make this happen. Only your donations can help us to realise this dream and help the children of Africa. Please donate online and share this blog, our tweets and our Facebook posts.

Many thanks. Stay safe.

Dominika Rejmer – Director and founder, raTrust.