use condoms

Big fun in a small package.

Here at the raTrust, we know that the safe sex message can sometimes seem a bit preachy, gloomy or even obvious. For that reason we have created and produced our own animated film, showcasing Mr RA and his adventures in the world of safe sex. He can be a little short on brains at times, but he always gets the message in the end. Watch the film and see what he gets up to. Share it with your friends too.

Safe sex should be fun and condoms definitely play to that mood, even if he is not always sure how they work. Perhaps the same is true for some of you too. After all, condoms are only fun once you know how to use the properly. Read the instructions! Try them out. And have fun when you use them.

Condoms so often get a bad press. They are seen as a necessity, an interruption or something that spoils the mood. But, far from being tiny killjoys, condoms can actually enhance sex, fuel the imagination and make for a more satisfying, pleasurable sex life. What other form of contraception offers you a choice of colours or textures to add to the experience?

And what other form of contraception can you fit over your head, blow up and burst, use as a football or even a water bomb?

Many of those who talk condoms down have only ever used one brand and one type. But the sexually adventurous know that it takes a few purchases to find the shape and fit that best suits you. Once you have that sorted then you can go off-piste and grab handfuls of brightly-coloured, textured condoms that will make sex more intense, last longer and feel better. You can even treat them as signifiers of romance. Why not bring a bunch of coloured, scented condoms instead of a bunch of flowers? That is certainly more original, as well as being far more sexy.

One of the main reasons that people used to give for not using condoms was the embarrassment factor, as they couldn’t face buying a pack of three at their local chemist. But the growth of internet business specialising in condoms, lube and sext toys means that you can pick different styles, sizes and colours of condoms from the safety of your sofa and then have fun trying them all out. Be like Mr RA and play!

The raTrust provides free condoms to those who are most at risk of contracting STIs or HIV. Please donate, share our blogs, like us on Facebook or retweet us to help us raise funds and spread the word.

Dominika Rejmer – Director and founder, The raTrust.