Who We Are - Right Now

We currently help those most at risk via face-to-face interaction, as well as education and awareness via the internet, printed media, social media and advertising. We are working with more than 5,000 sex workers across London and we maintain a desire to be helpful everywhere, no matter what someone's problem is or where they are.

We have specialists in each area of STI and HIV prevention, standing alone as a charity where none of the staff receive salaries. Our charity is 100% non-profit. Every pound that goes to raTrust is invested properly and effectively. By working with a good heart we have the ability to provide services at the highest level of efficiency.

The raTrust currently works with many volunteers who feel that it is their mission to help others in need. We hope you are the same, and we know that together with your support and donations we can make changes. Ask your friends to join us as we kickstart a new era in ceasing the spread of HIV and STIs. Like us on Facebook, share us via email, re-tweet us on Twitter. The more people we reach, the more effective our work can be. YOU can make a difference. YOU can save lives.